Player development

An FA review under the direction of Sir Trevor Brooking recommended the integration of all football in an effort to introduce a logical player development and coach education pathway for all.

Given the diversity of participation in football, The FA has decided to adopt an 8 stage model of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) as shown here. At BYFC we focus in on stages 1 and 2 only:

This example describes an age appropriate development pathway over time. The recommendations for the younger age groups being aligned to the schools key stages wherever possible;

  • Stages 1-2: 5 to 11 year old primary school ages (small sided games played)
  • Stages 3-4: 11 to 16 year old secondary school ages (11 v 11 games played)
  • Fundamentals 5 to 8 years old Ages may overlap ± (This includes children in Reception year in school)
  • Enjoying practice 8 to 11 years old

The LTPD programme has a relationship with the 4 Corner development model, which includes

Technical Technique development – mastering the ball
Psychological Developing multiple life skills such as Communication, Teamwork, dealing with conflict and Learning from mistakes
Physical Physical development – athletic movement.
Social Creating the right environment, encouraging good behaviours, developing respect and building sustainable relationships

Through LTPD Players will be able to combine and effectively execute the correct technique, movement and decision on demand therefore transferring these components effectively into match-play.

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