Training Sessions

At Bunbury Youth Football Club we run specially designed training sessions for children every Saturday morning from 09:30-11:00 during the school term.  The sessions are for all Primary School ages, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, both boys and girls are welcome.

Our training season starts in September but don’t worry if you would like to join part way through the season as everyone is welcome whether they have played football before or not.

In football terms development of children at an early is seen as the “Golden Period” this is when children can progress and develop their skills quickly, therefore our trainings sessions are specifically developed to help children develop the football and social skills needed to play. We will schedule friendly games against other local Cheshire teams, schools and organisations throughout the year.

Each age group has a training strategy for the year this focuses on individual skills, positional play and helps demonstrate how each player’s position works within the team. We encourage children to try all positions so they are aware of the skills required by each position.

We endeavour to build a strong ethic of team play with our children and will be coaching them on how to defend and attack as a unit. The older age groups will also be introduced to team tactics and formations

Fitness and balance

Warm up session includes jogging, running and sprinting to build on match fitness.

Individual Skills
• Passing and control
• Turning with the ball
• Dribbling
• Crossing
• Heading
• Goalkeeping
• Shooting

Positional play
• Defender
• Midfielder
• Attacker
• Goalkeeper
• Spreading out the play
• Attacking as a Unit
• Defending as a unit

Education on types of strategies and formations of team play will be incorporated in to the lessons for older players.

The Coaches leading the each of the age group sessions. We are supported by a group of regular parents, and if you want to get involved as a parent in ANY capacity we would be delighted.

The training session starts promptly at 09.30 and lasts for approximately 1½ hours (sometimes a little longer if both the coaches and children are enjoying themselves).

The training sessions normally take place at Bunbury Playing Fields (Click Here for Directions). If a training session is cancelled the information will be updated on this website by 09:00 on the Saturday.

Do we need to join the club before my child can join in?

It can and does often does take several weeks before children become comfortable with the activity and decide if they want to join in fully. Don’t worry about this, lots of us have been through this early encouragement phase with our children, take the opportunity to talk with the other parents as well as the coaches.

At the first session, we will give you a registration form and some additional details to read through to help you decide.

Our greatest ambassadors are the parents that bring their children every week.

What do I need to bring?
In the first few weeks children can wear
• Any suitable football kit.
• Children must wear shin pads, if they do not they will not be allowed to train
• Suitable foot wear, trainers are okay to start with but  they will need football boots as the weather gets a grip.
• As the weather changes through the season suitable coat / hat / gloves
• A drink

Once your child is registered with the club they will need to purchase a Bunbury Youth Football Club Orange Football Shirt, available from the club, supplied at cost price of £8.00.

How much does the Membership Cost?

The membership fee for 2020/ 2021 season is £25 for the first child
• Any additional siblings registered with the Club will pay £15 for the season
• Children registered after the 31st of December will pay £15 fee, after Easter £10 for the season
• Children registered will be required to purchase a club shirt at £8.00
There are no weekly subscription charges

If you would like to find out more or have a chat with Dave at